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Re: Elegant and Amazing Apps

On Thu, 05 May 2011 20:18:25 -0700, David wrote:

> I may be out of the loop on this. But I just discovered kupfer and was
> duly impressed.
> I generally stay away from launchers because, with the exception of
> gmrun, I find them over-stuffed and awkward.
> Although I can't get kupfer completely working in openbox (I am
> perfectly happy with gmrun and a long .gmrunrc file there) it is an
> amazing addition to Gnome. Puts Gnome-do to shame--as far as I can
> remember.
> It is fast, highly intuitive, out of the way, very configurable with
> about 89 plugins, easy to learn, gives great visual feedback to input,
> can launch or find just about anything, looks good.
> Any other recommendations for amazing apps that reduce work with
> elegance?

If you find useful those tools I think you'll like the upcoming "gnome-
shell" :-P

I'm more used to a menu-like-tree static-way system to find files, apps 
and interact with them so besides "gnome-do", "docky" and "avant window 
navigator" I don't know of any other launchers :-?



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