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Re: specific kernel configuration for graphic card driver

On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 7:30 PM, Panayiotis Karabassis <panayk@gmail.com> wrote:
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> Hi again!



> On 05/03/2011 11:06 AM, lina wrote:
>> How to modify the dependencies? you mean, modify the *.dsc? or
> No I mean the debian/control file. In there, is a list of runtime and
> build dependencies. The .dsc file will be regenerated when you build the
> source to reflect the changes you made.

are you suggesting modify the debian/control file?

/fglrx-driver-11-4# ls
arch                   cimle-xdgsu  installer_creation_policy
ATI_LICENSE.TXT        common       xpic
automatic-install.exp  debian       xpic_64a

# more control

Package: fglrx-driver
Architecture: i386 amd64
Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}, xserver-xorg (>= 1:7.6+1),
 laptop-detect, xorg-video-abi-8
Recommends: fglrx-modules-dkms (= ${binary:Version}),
 fglrx-glx, fglrx-glx-ia32 [amd64], fglrx-atieventsd
Provides: xorg-driver-video
Conflicts: ia32-fglrx-driver, nvidia-glx
Suggests: fglrx-control, xvba-va-driver
Description: non-free ATI/AMD RadeonHD display driver
 Display driver for the ATI/AMD RadeonHD and FireGL graphics cards.

I really don't know how.

>> But I did meet the dependencies issue and seems not simple skip over.
> The dependencies issue you met is a check made by apt. It is possible
> that the package dependencies do not reflect the real dependencies
> (libraries etc) of the binaries, merely the versions available in Wheezy.
> Also the Squeeze xserver is quite recent and it would be unexpected for
> a video driver to not support it.
>> I consider (and hesitate) to update to the wheezy but I also worry I
>> can't handle it.
> It is not too difficult, but it is not risk-free, and it's best to stick
> to Stable, if you can, for this and other reasons.

Then I will stick to stable.

> Anyway, I will see if I can build a Squeeze package for you, but it will
> take a few days.

It's going to trouble you so lots. so if possible you can tell me how
to proceed.
I will try to build it first, if I have new problem I will let you know.

Thanks again,

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