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Re: Why doesn't debian remove the proprietary software from it's servers?

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:47:43AM CEST, sdc <asmosis.asterix@gmail.com> said:
>    Greetings, I was reading FSF distro review and I was shocked to see that
>    Debian isn't actually free software. FSF said that they are making a big
>    progress(this happened when they removed the blobs from the kernel) but
>    still isn't free software because users have the option to install
>    proprietary software from debian's server and this is a bit confusing for
>    beginners in this free software world.
>    My beginner question is, why doesn't Debian remove the proprietary
>    software hosted on it's servers? Don't they want to follow the FSF word?

Maybe because it is better if people are free to choose knowingly, by themselves ?

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