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Re: Using Files Without Mounting A Share From Another System

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011 10:16:15 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

>> I think Linux might give better control over things like permissions.
>> In my case, the server will be running Debian 6.x.
> Now you mention... I've got a samba share on a Debian server (this is in
> another network), and windows clients accessing to it. I can make some
> tests here, will report back as soon as I can give any news on this :-)

Tested and I cannot get it to work ;-(

What I've found out by searching the web is a possible workaround that 
makes use of GVFS and Fuse (this is under GNOME). 

By using these two daemons one can run "gvfs-mount //server/share" and it 
will recreate the full structure of the network share under "~/.gvfs/
share at server" so "java -jar" pointing to this path does not complain 
and runs the file fine. 

This is something like doing "mount -t cifs ..." with the advantadge that 
this can be done by the user itself (no root password needed) so the 
virtual mount point can be mounted only when required -on the fly-, no 
need no edit "/etc/fstab" and define the static samba share on every boot.



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