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Re: changing my e-mail address

>>> "how to modify my address without doing unsubscribe/subscribe?"
>> The answer to your question is:  unsubscribe the old address.  Subscribe
>> the new one.

That's not what he asked, is it...?????!!!


"how do I MODIFY my address WITHOUT doing

Wise guy:

"The answer is... unsubscribe.. subscribe"

HElloooOO...??? Anybody home...???

I took a quick look, and I did not see any way you can
do it.

And I think this is about as lame as it gets. So basically
you have to fill out the subscription form again, reply to
the email to confirm your subscription... etc.

Wise guy:

"That's not too hard"

Yeah, right.. Imagine for a second the OP is subscribed
to .. TEN.. TWENTY.. different debian mailing lists...

Or is there a recommendation somewhere that says that
it is foolish to subscribe to more than one (two?) debian
list(s) at the same time...????

The GNU mailing lists for instance have an easy to access
option where you can edit your subscription options,
including specifying a new email address.

>  I'm afraid your logic is not mine!
>  The correct answer to my question is: "that's not possiblë with debian lists"

Apparently, there are people here who can't read.

If they cannot provide anything more positive such as
indicating how  this situation could be improved, maybe
they should have simply said 'sorry, debian uses lousy
mailing list management software or is not set up properly
and there's nothing our volunteers can do about it.'

The latter would probably not make the OP happy, but
I'm sure he would have been OK with that.. and that
answer would certainly be preferable than half a dozen
messages that only show that the their authors did not
even bother to read his post.

Maybe the famous 'how to ask smart questions' document
needs to be complemented by 'how to avoid posting dumb


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