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Re: Much Ado About Nothing [was: changing my e-mail address]

Dne, 17. 04. 2011 16:19:30 je sal migondis napisal(a):

Yeah, right.. Imagine for a second the OP is subscribed
to .. TEN.. TWENTY.. different debian mailing lists...

Or is there a recommendation somewhere that says that
it is foolish to subscribe to more than one (two?) debian
list(s) at the same time...????

The GNU mailing lists for instance have an easy to access
option where you can edit your subscription options,
including specifying a new email address.

>  I'm afraid your logic is not mine!
>  The correct answer to my question is: "that's not possiblë with debian lists"

That's not possible with debian lists.

Can we wrap it up now? Nitpicking semantics tends to get tiresome after a while.


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