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Re: changing my e-mail address

On Sunday 17 April 2011 14:40:46 Pierre Frenkiel wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Apr 2011, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > ...
> Hi Osamu,
> thank you for taking time to write a long answer,
> Nonetheless, there is a basic misunderstanding of my post:for me, asking
> a question is not equivalent to complaining!

<quote> PS: what bothers me is that I wrote several times to 
     for a problem with bounces and for the present question,
     and never got any answer, although they say:
         You are welcome to contact listmaster@lists.debian.org
     it seems that this address is just managed by a robot... </quote>

That is definitely complaining.  Moreover it is complaining that busy people 
had not chosen to answer a trivial question - except that that is not what 
happened.  _You_ made a fairly stupid mistake of mis-copying.  

We all make stupid mistakes but a) in my experience most people apologise for 
them and b) most people do not then go on to reply condescendingly to one of 
the most knowledgeable people on this list.


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