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Re: Console news aggregator: snownews with atom2rss

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 07:27:58PM -0700, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> Why is that? I never used it, but I use Newsbeuter, and they seem pretty
> comparable.

Newsbeuter had been my second choice but I don't remember it 4 years ago so
I installed.

Lunch break is well over and I haven't read a single thing but here are some
usage points that are key-press options I like in snownews.  *Not* a
criticism of Newsbeuter, just an impression.

1. Newsbeuter comes up asking for a URL file or an OPML import. Snownews
just opens the first time and one can start adding and deleting with
key-press commands.

2. Newsbeuter doesn't show me a key-press way to categorize. Evidently I
must edit the URL file with tags.

3. Newsbeuter doesn't show me a way to edit the title so maybe I have to
trust the source to not send BS or long titles.

4. Newsbeuter doesn't show me a way to arrange things into the exact order I
want to read them, just sort by criteria.

5. Newsbeuter doesn't show me a headlines *only* view. In snownews, my news
feeds are arranged by preference in descending order.  The headlines only
view then displays in that same order, making a very fast news hit for on
the fly.


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