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Thanks! was Re: Installing Etch

On Monday 28 March 2011 16:20:18 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> Note that Etch has a number of known, unpatched security vulnerabilities
> and receives no real support from the Debian project.  Moving to Lenny
> should be made a priority; any time spend working with Etch should be (at
> least) matched with the same amount of time pursuing an upgrade to Lenny.

Thanks for the warning, Boyd.  But this is for an assessment question in a 
course I am doing, not for a machine in use.  The questions centre on X and 
Etch, and given how much methods of dealing with X have changed between Etch 
and Squeeze, I thought that it might be nice to do at least some of it on 
the "right" version.

Then I got pig-headed when I was failing.  I can be quite stubborn about not 
giving up.

Using the DVDs would presumably also work.

Thanks all of you for all the help.


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