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Installing Etch

I need to install Etch (or Etch-and-a-half).  I have CD 1.  In order to 
install a fully working Etch I need more than that.  

So, how can I get: a full set of DVDs, a full set of CDs (ouch) or a working 
sources list?  

I have googled, but can get nothing about installing Etch, now it is already 
off the cliff.  I try to time limit, but Google brings up things, that it 
claims were posted only 3 days ago, that talk about the change from Sarge to 
Etch. :-/

I did myself ask a related question on this list a while ago, but I can't find 
that either.  My Google-foo has clearly gone AWOL.

So, again: how can I get one or all of: a full set of DVDs, a full set of CDs, 
or a funtioning sources.list?


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