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Re: An interesting experiment


On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 03:25:02PM -0400, Brad Alexander wrote:
> I just found a box in my basement that I haven't touched in many years. I
> checked sources.list, and it was built when woody was stable and sarge was
> testing. The box was running sid. So I thought it would be an interesting
> experiment to see what is involved to get it to a modern sid, or if it is
> even possible. The box is a PII/667. 192mb ram, 6gb drive.
> So far, I have run into the following problems:
> 1. I had to take debian non-free out of the sources.list (I had forgotten
> all about that).
> 2. It is having a problem installing ncurses-base. ("package uses Breaks, no
> supported in this dpkg")

You know upgrade skipping release is not supported.  You are hitting it
> I know it will probably break at some point, but I doubt I will ever have
> need to reuse this box, and the data is way stale after so many years...I
> thought it would be an interesting diversion.

If you are just doing this for fun, cut down system with "dpkg -P ..."
etc to minimum except apt.  Then hope system upgrades OK.

Alternatively, you may install chroot and debootstrap to install new
system.  That takes a bit of skill to do.


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