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Debian mini CDs

Hello Everyone,

As a member of the Debian CD project (www.debiancd.org) I would like to
let you know that we are now shipping Squeeze netinst mini CDs for the
i386 and for the amd64 architectures.

We are an independent project to promote the use of Debian
GNU/Linux. Our goal is to give you nice, professionally made Debian
GNU/Linux installation discs that fit in your pocket. The discs
install the base system, any additional packages are then installed
from a Debian mirror site.

We are a non-profit group, not a business. Your payment helps to cover
our expenses for making the Debian CDs and sending them to you
(envelopes and shipping costs).

We give any surplus as donations to the Debian Project.

Please check out our website at http://www.debiancd.org/.


Gabor Kum

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