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Re: cups in squeeze with ethernet postscript printer

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Russell L. Harris
<rlharris@broadcaster.org> wrote:
> * Matt Richardson <shortpath@gmail.com> [110325 04:45]:
>> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Russell L. Harris
>> <rlharris@broadcaster.org> wrote:
>> > I have made repeated attempts without success to use the web interface
>> > (localhost:631) to install a PostScript printer with HP JetDirect
>> > interface in the lan.  My computer is an i386 running Squeeze.
>> Can you give some more details?  Which PPD are you using, HPLIP or Gutenprint?
> With Etch I had been using "raw" and "raw queue (en)".  With Lenny, I
> had success specifying the printer by name and model, which utilized
> But with Squeeze, the webadmin GUI is not responding, so I
> cannot yet specify a PPD.

Fair enough, I should have figured that out from your first post.

> A week ago there was some response from the GUI, but as soon as I
> clicked on the "add printer" button, the GUI began searching for
> printers, and never found any.  With the GUI in Etch and in Lenny, I
> was unable to add a printer directly by specifying its IP address; but
> not so with Squeeze.  And now there is no response when I try to add a
> printer.

Have you looked in /var/log/cups/error_log for any messages?  It's
pretty good about reporting any issues.

> As an alternative I would be happy to use the command line CUPS
> interface, but I need to Google for a HOWTO (I should be able to find
> instructions using the CUPS webadmin GUI, but it is not working
> right...)

Here's the basics, taken from the CUPS Software Administrators Manual
1.1.21 (yeah, I know it's ancient but I printed it out ages ago and
don't feel the need for a newer copy):

#see what devices are supported
lpinfo -v

#add an HP printer with a JetDirect card
/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p YourQueueName -E -v socket:// -m

#Get a status report
lpstat -t

If you had raw printing enabled before with Lenny, did you do that
through the web interface or make changes directly to the config file?
 I noticed when I updated from Lenny to Squeeze that some things, like
the SSLListen directive and the ServerCertificate directive, did not
work the same.  I think one of the problems was that any of the admin
pages I tried to access wanted to be sent over 443 instead of 631, so
I had to fix the SSLListen and ServerCertificate stuff before I could
use the web admin.  This is on a server accessed by lots of people, so
my configuration is a little different from the standard work station
install.  However, if you selected to keep the configuration from
Lenny when upgrading to Squeeze, it is probably worth looking at the
differences in the two cupsd.conf files.


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