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Re: cups in squeeze with ethernet postscript printer

* Matt Richardson <shortpath@gmail.com> [110325 04:45]:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Russell L. Harris
> <rlharris@broadcaster.org> wrote:
> > I have made repeated attempts without success to use the web interface
> > (localhost:631) to install a PostScript printer with HP JetDirect
> > interface in the lan.  My computer is an i386 running Squeeze.
> Can you give some more details?  Which PPD are you using, HPLIP or Gutenprint?

With Etch I had been using "raw" and "raw queue (en)".  With Lenny, I
had success specifying the printer by name and model, which utilized

But with Squeeze, the webadmin GUI is not responding, so I
cannot yet specify a PPD.

A week ago there was some response from the GUI, but as soon as I
clicked on the "add printer" button, the GUI began searching for
printers, and never found any.  With the GUI in Etch and in Lenny, I
was unable to add a printer directly by specifying its IP address; but
not so with Squeeze.  And now there is no response when I try to add a

As an alternative I would be happy to use the command line CUPS
interface, but I need to Google for a HOWTO (I should be able to find
instructions using the CUPS webadmin GUI, but it is not working


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