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cups in squeeze with ethernet postscript printer

I have made repeated attempts without success to use the web interface
(localhost:631) to install a PostScript printer with HP JetDirect
interface in the lan.  My computer is an i386 running Squeeze.

The web interface of CUPSYS worked nicely in Etch and Lenny, but in
Squeeze in appears to be broken.  

There is a pull-down menu, but nothing happens when a menu item is
selected, and there appears to be no way to invoke the action

Moreover, a few days ago I was able to print the CUPS test page, and I
discovered that the lovely, detailed test page which I saw in Etch has
been replaced by an ugly, crude test page.  Could this be an
indication that CUPS somehow is being sabotaged, in order to
discourage Linux and to promote the MacOS?

If it is only my installation of CUPS which is broken, which packages
must I reinstall?

And if CUPS itself is broken, how did it manage to be included in Squeeze?


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