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Re: Icedove on Lenny

Open the account settings. You should see something like this:
The field "Email address" (here: cybernetnews@gmail.com) is the "from"-field which you are looking for.

You also can add different identities. When writing a mail, you then have the choice which address you want to use (drop-down-menu). To add a new identity click on "Manage identities..." (see link above). Then click add and fill out some fields (of course name and mail-address (gmail)). Select the new SMTP-server.

Am 25.03.2011 12:47, schrieb Lisi:
Thanks, Christian.

I have done that, but it has made no difference.
It still doesn't alter the fact that, regardless of what the ISP does or
doesn't allow, I cannot find anywhere in Icedove to change the "from" email
address in outgoing mail.

My husband is currently running the same version of Icedove at the same ISP as
the OldISP.  He also has a googlemail account, but is not setup to use it as
a send-from address.  Since the problem PC _was_ sending quite happily using
a Gmail address, it must have accepted the setting.  But I can't find
anywhere to change it on either computer.

It also follows that I *did* know how to do it. :-(


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