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Re: Icedove on Lenny

Why aren't you using the Google SMTP-Server (smtp.gmail.com)? Send mails
with his Googlemail-address through this server.

Normally mail servers are not configured, to accept every address as
sender, only your address (<name>@isp.com) - because of spam. The server
of the old provider might have accepted it, the server of the new ones
apparently not.

Am 25.03.2011 11:33, schrieb Lisi:
> I have recently migrated someone to a new ISP.  For this ISP his username is 
> his email address with that ISP: <name>@ISP.com.  I have edited the SMTP 
> settings so that he uses their SMTP server.
> And now he cannot send "from" his preferred, Googlemail email address.  It has 
> been changed so that his email address at the top of his sent emails is: 
> <name>@ISP.com.  I have done nothing to bring about this change, other than 
> change the smtp server details from his old ISP's SMTP server to his new.  
> How do I reverse it?  He still wants people to use his gmail address, even 
> thogh he has another SMTP server.  

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