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Re: removing debian-multimedia from sources.list

On Thu, 24 Mar 2011, tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:

Hi, the problem that probably triggered this recommendation is long
gone, at the time there was an incompatibility between d-m libav* and
Debian vlc if I recall correctly.

  they should say, in the videolan forum, that this recommandation is obsolete!

I use d-m currently and have no problem with vlc which I use daily, as
you noticed your problem seems to be somewhere else. I am not even sure
there is a libdvdnav(4) or vlc package in d-m right now...

  I also used it up to now with no problem, but the one with vlc,
  which doesn't come from d-m.

Regarding d-m and Debian, of course you use external repositories at
your own risks, but it's generally pretty safe with d-m, and its main
maintainer is also a Debian developer. You could add d-m to sources.list
but use a low pinning priority, and just pull what you want explicitly.
However, this could trigger dependencies problems.

  Actually, I think it's better to revert to my old sources.list, to
  avoid the dependancies problems I had when I used Pin-Priority

When you have or suspect a problem with a d-m package the best way to
ask for help is the d-m users list [1], which any d-m user should follow

[1] dmo-discussion@debian-multimedia.org

   I was not aware of this list. Thank you for the information.

Pierre Frenkiel

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