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Re: removing debian-multimedia from sources.list

24/03/2011 18:06, Pierre Frenkiel wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I had a problem reading 1 iso file with vlc(it works with all others)
>    libdvdnav: DVD disk reports itself with Region mask 0x00f50000.
> Regions: 2 4
>    libdvdnav: ifoOpenVTSI failed
> I then  went to the videolan forum, and found there an instruction to
> remove the debian-multimedia from the sources.list. Here is an extract
> of the thread:
>    =====================================================================
>    A significant number of VLC users on Debian and Ubuntu appear to be
>    hit by bugs in the unofficial so-called Debian Multimedia repository
>    (debian-multimedia.org).
>    This unofficial package repository is well known to introduce
>    incompatibilities in the FFMPEG libraries. This causes VLC media
>    player and possibly some other multimedia software to stop working,
>    as the FFMPEG binary interface is silently broken. The VideoLAN
>    project strongly advises that you do not use the Debian Multimedia
>    repository under any circumstances. Before you report problems with
>    VLC on Debian or Ubuntu, make sure you have not installed any package
>    from that repository.
>    =====================================================================
> Before reporting this problem, I followed exactly the instructions. The
> net result was that:
> 1/ the problem with vlc remains
> 2/ I loose k9copy, which seems to be available only from debian-multimedia,
>    and also a lot of useful packages, like transcode, dvd-slideshow,...
> Has anybody followed these "curious" recommandations?

Hi, the problem that probably triggered this recommendation is long
gone, at the time there was an incompatibility between d-m libav* and
Debian vlc if I recall correctly.
I use d-m currently and have no problem with vlc which I use daily, as
you noticed your problem seems to be somewhere else. I am not even sure
there is a libdvdnav(4) or vlc package in d-m right now...

Regarding d-m and Debian, of course you use external repositories at
your own risks, but it's generally pretty safe with d-m, and its main
maintainer is also a Debian developer. You could add d-m to sources.list
but use a low pinning priority, and just pull what you want explicitly.
However, this could trigger dependencies problems.
When you have or suspect a problem with a d-m package the best way to
ask for help is the d-m users list [1], which any d-m user should follow

[1] dmo-discussion@debian-multimedia.org

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