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Re: Recommendations on groupware

Rico Secada Said:


I'm currently looking into groupware solutions on Debian mainly for
sharing a calendar such as Thunderbird + Lightning.

Anyone who can provide some real life experience of pros and cons?


I develop web pages using PHP, as such I have access to a web server capable of PHP, MySQL and the like.

A couple years back I wanted to find a PHP based script for checking multiple Email addresses at the same time, Kinda like using Mozilla Mail, but being accessible on the internet and across multiple computers.

I come across a script called Group Office that does this well via IMAP, also has scheduling / calendar features, Notes, File storage and swapping amoung accounts, a whole host of features. The primary focus of the project is an online group project management solution; but I find it incredibly useful as a general use online organizing tool. They have a "community" project that is open source and a paid version with additional in house features.

I find myself needing to upgrade my instance at the moment due to depreciated PHP code, but outside of putting that off for a couple weeks, I have been using this solution happily on an almost daily bases for several years.

their URL is:


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