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Re: Recommendations on groupware

On Thu, 24 Mar 2011 04:01:16 +0100, Rico Secada wrote:

I'm currently looking into groupware solutions on Debian mainly for
sharing a calendar such as Thunderbird + Lightning.

Anyone who can provide some real life experience of pros and cons?

Kind regards


Hi Rico,

I am using Zarafa [1] and it's really cool. They have a community edition which is open source and provides an open-source Active Sync (Mail, calendar, contacts sync to the phone) - afaik no one else is offering something like that
under open source license.
for smtp you can still use postfix and use zarafa behind that.
email is possible with imap or pop, calendar with ical or caldav.
Webmail looks like Exchange Webmail (imho they should design their own webmail,
but if Exchange users change to Zarafa, it's easy to use for them)

there are repositories from zarafa for debian, the installation is quiet easy

Maybe SoGO [2] is also an alternative, but it's more complex to set up...

[1] http://www.zarafa.com
[2] http://www.sogo.nu


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