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Re: Weird WM behavior after changing video cards

on 19:05 Mon 21 Mar, Ron Johnson (ron.l.johnson@cox.net) wrote:
> Sid (up-to-date)
> xfce
> nvidia driver 260.19.44-1
> After switching an old 7300 card for a GeForce 210 (both are
> fanless), I see that the WM has changed behavior in various odd but
> tolerable manners.
> These WM items are now white instead of following the theme:
> 1. Drop-down menu bg color
> 2. Button bg color
> 3. Drop-down menu "items"
> 4. Highlighted drop-down menu items (which makes them invisible)
> I'm sure there are other problems that I haven't found...
> This email isn't to ask for help (mainly since I don't plan on
> replacing nvidia with nouveau), but just to get it out on the web in
> case others have the same problems.

A better place for this would be the BTS (Debian bug-tracking system)
against your window manager.  Do this via 'reportbug' (from the
reportbug package).

I'd suggest setting priority to either 'normal' or 'minor' and noting
that you don't consider this to be a major issue, but one worth noting.
It's possible that this is indicating/masking other issues.

Include your /var/log/Xorg.0.log as this is probably an interaction
between your WM and the Xorg driver.

If you're using a Debina-packaged X driver, note that, if not, CLEARLY
note that you're using a proprietary or third-party video driver.

The package maintainer can decide if this is something that needs to be
addressed, but at least there will be a record of the issue.  If others
have a similar (or more severe) problem, they may be able to draw a
connection between the two.

Much better than a mailing list mention.

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