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Re: Re (2): [OT] US tax forms with acroread from debian-multimedia

On 2011-03-09 11:10:39 John Hasler wrote:
>Peter E. writes:
>> Isn't a Web based tax calculation more efficient?
>Sure, if you don't mind publishing your tax returns.

"Publishing" is perhaps a bit harsh.  Most web-based tax services use end-to-
end encryption to prevent the data from being intercepted both times it is "on 
the wire": from you to them and from them to the IRS.

You *do* have to share your information with that entity and (implicitly) 
trust them not to disclose that information through malice or fault.  It is 
likely they have terms that significantly limit their liability for such 

Similarly, if you engage a tax professional you have to share your information 
with them and they will likely store that information on media they (or the 
entity they represent) owns.  The same level of trust is required in this 
case, though it may be easier to obtain.

"Publishing" has a connotation of "public", not neither of these sharing acts 
guarantees (or even significantly increases the chances) that the general 
public acquires access to your tax information.

I've had a excellent experience using TaxAct's web-based software to file my 
personal taxes for at least the 5 past years.

Even if you are capable and confident enough to file your own tax return, the 
normal method of filing "off-line" provides far fewer guarantees than the end-
to-end security provided by a trusted TSL connection.  As such, it is actually 
easier to subvert.

I am not sure if the IRS supports direct electronic filing by individuals or 
if the tools to do so are available in Debian.  I think not, which is one of 
the main reason I engage third-party in filing my U.S. taxes.
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