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Where is the disk label stored?

Hello list,

I am searching for an entry, where a disk label is stored.

Problem: Some time ago I formatted a sd-card and labelled it with the name 
"Debian Inst". In the meantime, I formatted this sd-card several times and 
deleted the label. But whenever I put the card in, it is seen as "Debian Inst" 
in KDE4 (I mean the hardware manager in the task bar).

I tried also mlabel to make sure, the label is no more stored on the device, 
but it did not work. See:
root@protheus7:~# mlabel -s /dev/sdb1
Mtools version 4.0.12, dated November 3rd, 2009
Usage: mlabel [-vscVn] [-N serial] drive:

Maybe it is a bug? So I checked with gparted, and there is sure no label 

I also tried the following command:

echo -n "           "|dd bs=1 seek=71 count=11 of=/dev/sdb1;echo -n "$NAME"|dd 
bs=1 seek=71 count=11 of=/dev/sdb1

But I got no success, too. IMO the label is stored somewhere else and maybe 
bound to the hardware, i.e. the UUID or something. 

I hope, someone might know more, I will be happy if so.

Best regards


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