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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

On 03/03/11 05:22, george.standish@gmail.com wrote:
>> Did you verified the checksum of the ISO image before burn it and also
>> the whole CD once it was written in the medium?
> MD5 sums of the ISOs are correct, I'm not going to MD5 the burned
> images - takes a long time, and I don't believe this to be the issue.

Not necessary to md5sum the burnt cd - check cd is an option from the
install menu - takes maybe two minutes to do.

>> How about booting using a USB key?
> Sorry, yes I did try a USB key - same results as ISOs.  Only the IMG
> file finally worked from USB key, the ISOs and/or hybrid-ISOs did not.

It would be useful if you provided the bake date of the netinst you're
referring to. :-)

Please note my earlier comments about the mirror updates yesterday - I'm
guessing you're +12GMT.

I haven't read the errata to see what changes came through, nor have I
read the issues - those are normally amongst the first things I do read
if I have issues installing.


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