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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

On Wed, 02 Mar 2011 12:19:17 -0500, george wrote:

> I too am having serious issues with the debian-6.0.0-* ISOs on an ASUS
> AMD64 system, they don't boot past the initial screen with "ISOLINUX
> 4.02 debian-20101014 EHDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvi et al"
> and a flashing "_"

And this can be another different issue. At least you still get the 
isolinux greeter banner.

> I tested with the AMD64 netinstall, the i386 netinstall and the dual
> AMD64/i386 netinstall - all with the same result.

Did you verified the checksum of the ISO image before burn it and also 
the whole CD once it was written in the medium?
> Initially I simply installed using debian-505-amd64-netinst.iso and
> upgraded.
> Determined to get Squeeze installed directly, my second attempt included
> using an external USB CDROM drive (which was successfully used for my
> netbook's  Squeeze installation) which also fails as above.

How about booting using a USB key?
> Trying the debian-live ISO images had the same results as the
> netinstalls, BUT using the debian-live-6.0.0-amd64-gnome-desktop.img
> HD/USB image worked fine!
> My 2 cents on the issue,

This could be another problem. I had no issue for booting the installer 
with the netiso image :-?



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