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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

on 13:41 Wed 02 Mar, Bret Busby (bret@busby.net) wrote:
> Hello.
> To try to install Debian 6, I downloaded, as advised on the Debian
> web site, the Debian 6 netinst iso file, wrote it to a CD, and tried
> to install Debian 6, using it.

What URL did you download, specifically?
> However, the computer on which I tried to install it, did not boot
> from the CD.

Verify your downloaded ISO against checksums.

Verify your burned CD against checksums (your CD-burning software should
offer this option).

Try another CD.

Try another drive.

Tell us EXACTLY what happens at boot, what is displayed, and what, if
any, error messages are displayed.

Follow up to the list with updates on what you've tried / what's failed.
> I have previously installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, from a CD, on that
> computer, without any problem.
> Is the Debian 6 netinst iso, not installabe, or, not bootable?

Works for me:


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