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Re: Revert to lenny's grub

George wrote:
After upgrading to squeeze the new grub was chainloading through the
old one. It was working fine, so I elected to run
upgrade-from-grub-legacy. After this grub was failing with "Error 15",
not even giving me the option to press a key to restart. I can boot
now using Super Grub Disk. I want to revert back to lenny's grub, and
not use the new grub from now on. How can I do this?

The way to do that is to first remove grub-pc and it will cleanup grub for you, remember not to reboot yet ;-), then make sure you have a /etc/boot/grub folder, now install grub-legacy, next run 'grub-update /dev/sdax' (x being the partition number) and it will create a new menu.lst.

But the error 15 is probably a wrong UUID, you can check that by running as root 'blkid' and check the UUID you get against fstab and the menu.lst.
Jimmy Johnson

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