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Re: Debian 6 64-bit and Openbox: Opinions, Suggestions, Pitfalls.

--- On Mon, 2/28/11, Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Du, 27 feb 11, 22:05:16, Patrick
> Bartek wrote:
> > 
> > Nope.  Going 64-bit all the way. Have the CD
> burned and everything.  
> > All previous Fedora installs on this machine have been
> 64-bit.  I see 
> > no reason to change.  I'm aware of 64-bit
> pitfalls:  mainly, the lack 
> > of a 64-bit Flash plugin that isn't an alpha or
> beta.  I may just 
> > install a 32-bit browser (and proper 32-bit libraries)
> and use 32-bit 
> > plugins.  I did this with Fedora 6 64-bit and
> never had any problems.  
> > I've never had good results wrapping 32-bit plugins.
> That sounds complicated, how about this: activate non-free
> and
> apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
> (works fine also on amd64)

Is this really Flash 64-bit or just a wrapped 32-bit one?  What version?

The reason I ask is the only 64-bit version being distributed currently by Adobe is a 10.2 preview called Square. (By "preview" I'm thinking pre-alpha.)  It was released Feb. 2011.  Adobe removed all previous 64-bit versions from their development site, Adobe Labs, last year sometime due to a bad security flaw, and started a new Flash development cycle from the ground up.  Or so they said.


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