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Re: Debian 6 64-bit and Openbox: Opinions, Suggestions, Pitfalls.

--- On Mon, 2/28/11, Klistvud <quotations@aliceadsl.fr> wrote:

> Dne, 27. 02. 2011 21:05:11 je Patrick
> Bartek napisal(a):
> > Having tired of Fedora's short support life (13
> months)--I've been using it since FC3, but have only been
> upgrading every 3rd release since 6--and wanting a distro
> where longevity and stability are paramount, and SELinux is
> an option, not the default, I've settled on Debian 6. 
> However, my custom-built system is mostly 5 year old
> hardware, and I want to get away from today's CPU-cycle
> eating, eye-candy, desktop environments, the features of
> which are mostly wasted on me, and go with the efficiency of
> a pure window manager set up.  That is, no GNOME, KDE,
> etc. installed at all.  I've chosen Openbox as the
> window manager as it seems to offer an efficient balance
> between features and RAM usage.
> > 
> > VirtualBox tests with Debian 6 RC2 32-bit look good.
> > 
> > My system:
> > 
> > Abit KN9 motherboard, built-in audio and ethernet
> > AMD Athlon64 X2 2.9 GHZ
> > EVGA GeForce 8400GS graphics card, fanless (by
> design)
> > 4GB RAM
> > 160GB SATA HD
> > Pioneer DVR-112D IDE DVD/CD Writer
> > 
> > Any opinions, suggestions or pitfalls?
> > 
> > I'll dual boot keeping Fedora 12 currently on the
> system as a fallback.
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > B
> I run Squeeze with stock GNOME on a somewhat inferior
> machine with only half your RAM, and it's quite snappy. I've
> never seen it swap to disk, although there are 4-5
> concurrent GNOME sessions open all the time, and a squid3
> server with a 9GB on-disk cache is running. Of course,
> everything depends on your intended usage, but there should
> generally be no pitfalls to speak of... ;)

My reasons for abandoning the desktop environment and going pure Openbox is more philosophical than practical.  My current Fedora 12 64-bit system with GNOME runs just fine even with the CPU running most of the time at 1/3rd speed.  It's just that I abhor the waste of "cool" features that serve no purpose other than to impress.  Wow!  Cooool!  At least, with Linux I have a choice.  If I were running Windows or OSX . . .


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