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Re: A Debian -offtopic mailing list: to be or not to be

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:47:17PM -0500, Chris Jones wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:34:04AM EST, Andrei Popescu wrote:

. . .

> > Interestingly, the OT threads on debian-user also went down a lot
> > since a few years, for reasons unknown to me.
> > 
> > So, unless something happens on the list (apart from this thread and
> > the spam) I intend to remove/delete the list within a month.
> Still haunts me.. I shouldn't have done, but I bit.. and I got involved
> in yet another OT squabble. Being a proud & responsible D-U citizen I'm
> embarrassed .. deep down, I know I should have ignored the idiot.. but
> it's too late now.. I can't just let go... I have to stick to my guns
> and reply to the obnoxious poster who so ridiculed my previous valuable
> contribution.. 
> But wait.. maybe I could carry this over to D-OT, what..?
> So what do I do..? recommend we continue our heated discussion on the OT
> mailing list..? too bad.. she's not subscribed to D-OT .. and given the
> circumstances and our disagreement.. no way she's going to go through
> all the trouble of subscribing..
> Otherwise.. maybe I could use the scripting capabilities of my mutt to
> forward the entire thread to debian-off-topic and post some kind of
> form....? telling her that I'd be delighted to continue discussing.. and
> if she is agreeable, she only needs to click on the proverbial ‘here’ at
> the bottom of the form to be almost automatically subscribed to D-OT, so
> we can ‘legally’ carry on with our jousting.. and in so doing.. stop
> bothering the less tolerant technically-minded subscribers of D-U.. ??
> Nobody is going to _start_ a thread on ‘debian-OT’ .. I mean OT.. sure..
> but relative to what..? and there does not seem to be a simple mechanism
> where one could migrate a flourishing OT sub-thread from D-Uto D-OT..
> Makes sense there is ~= None activity on D-OT..

I like the O-T list idea. 

More list definition means more mixing and match the flavor of each mailbox. 
Far more convenient than slogging through an "everything" list.  These lists
are a starting point for 55% of my learning.  I don't see why others
shouldn't be particular about them too.

Debian-OT should get more promo on the big high-traffic Debian lists. The
problem is getting readership so posters are attracted, or is it vice versa? 

I like the idea of automated cross-posting Subjects: containg [OT], and like
ramifications, to debian-offtopic for a while.

Additionally, maybe a separate debian-user-for-ubuntu-users list?!


"Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. NO (or Linux) is the
answer." --Somebody

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