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Re: A Debian -offtopic mailing list: to be or not to be

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:34:04AM EST, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> [Cross-posted to: d-community-offtopic, debian-user]
> [For those who don't know what I'm talking about, please see #425439
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=425439]

> Hi,
> Being the stubborn person that I am, I want to give one more chance to
> the -offtopic list for Debian users and/or developers.
> Thanks to Holger Levsen, the list is currently hosted on
> lists.alioth.debian.org by the Debian Community project and has some
> 30+ subscribers. However, activity is zero (not counting the
> occasional spam).
> Interestingly, the OT threads on debian-user also went down a lot
> since a few years, for reasons unknown to me.
> So, unless something happens on the list (apart from this thread and
> the spam) I intend to remove/delete the list within a month.

Still haunts me.. I shouldn't have done, but I bit.. and I got involved
in yet another OT squabble. Being a proud & responsible D-U citizen I'm
embarrassed .. deep down, I know I should have ignored the idiot.. but
it's too late now.. I can't just let go... I have to stick to my guns
and reply to the obnoxious poster who so ridiculed my previous valuable
But wait.. maybe I could carry this over to D-OT, what..?

So what do I do..? recommend we continue our heated discussion on the OT
mailing list..? too bad.. she's not subscribed to D-OT .. and given the
circumstances and our disagreement.. no way she's going to go through
all the trouble of subscribing..

Otherwise.. maybe I could use the scripting capabilities of my mutt to
forward the entire thread to debian-off-topic and post some kind of
form....? telling her that I'd be delighted to continue discussing.. and
if she is agreeable, she only needs to click on the proverbial ‘here’ at
the bottom of the form to be almost automatically subscribed to D-OT, so
we can ‘legally’ carry on with our jousting.. and in so doing.. stop
bothering the less tolerant technically-minded subscribers of D-U.. ??

Nobody is going to _start_ a thread on ‘debian-OT’ .. I mean OT.. sure..
but relative to what..? and there does not seem to be a simple mechanism
where one could migrate a flourishing OT sub-thread from D-Uto D-OT..

Makes sense there is ~= None activity on D-OT..


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