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Re: Configuring QLogic QLA4010c on Debian on Sparc

Stan Hoeppner put forth on 2/21/2011 6:37 PM:
> RR put forth on 2/21/2011 5:47 PM:

Have you made any progress on this?


>> I hope it's "simply" just that and the HBA doesn't need any programming via
>> its own utility that accesses the firmware through some low-level API via
>> the driver etc that I have packages for for other OS/Distros
> Have you looked yet in?
> /sys/module/qla4xxx/parameters/
> You should read this:
> http://filedownloads.qlogic.com/files/driver/51633/readme_iSCSIsol.html#sample_file
> paying attention to aspects that apply to you and ignoring those that
> don't.  I.e. find the conf files on your system with similar names.
> Also, if you can find a version of this script for the qla4xxx series,
> you should be set.  I've been unable to locate one.
> http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/qla-autoconf/
> If you can hack this up for the qla4xxx series it should do exactly what
> you need, from the command line.
>> I'm already on the Debian Sparc mailing list but will enrol in the Debian
>> Enterprise and Linux iSCSI lists as well. Thanks for the suggestions Stan.
>> You DO sound like a Hardware freak / geek and I mean that as a compliment,
>> of course :)
> I so wish I had one of these cards in a system.  I'd have likely had
> this solved for you already.  That said, if I could do it, you should be
> able to as well.  You already have the module loaded and thus all the
> conf files exist.  You should be able to find them all in a just few
> minutes, edit and save the, reboot, done.
> Also, given Debian SPARC has a driver module for that card, and it
> installs and works correctly, given the Qlogic doesn't provide a
> Linux/SPARC version of its GUI config tool, I'd bet there is already a
> CLI config tool on your Debian install somewhere.  You just need to find
> it.  I was hoping someone on one of these lists would have this information.
> Thanks for the compliment. :)  I'm not as much of a hardwarefreak as I
> once was.  Or, maybe I'm just freaking on lesser amount of different
> (higher end) hardware. ;)

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