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Re: Need to confirm re 'fstab', before rebooting my Squeeze

Well, I've rebooted and come out alive.  So the Squeeze installer's
suggested GRUB destination, which I happily accepted, must have
been /dev/sdb.  Lucky me.  For next time, thanks for this alert!

Brian wrote:
On Sat 26 Feb 2011 at 15:28:19 -0500, PMA wrote:

So my question: When I rebooting, can I safely assume
that, because fstab is using UUIDs and not "/dev/..."(s),
the system won't get confused?

One possible gotcha. When GRUB was installed where was it installed to?
If it's to /dev/sda you may have a little remedial work to do! This
caught me out a couple of times when I forgot to remove the USB stick at
that stage of the install.

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