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Re: Debian Multi-Media.

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:36:36 +0100, tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:

> On the 23/02/2011 20:50, Camaleón wrote:

>> I wasn't saying that they *should* provide _packages_ for oldstable
>> releases but *notify* here -in this same mailing list, where people can
>> then spread those changes elsewhere- for any update in D-M
>> repositories.
> Hi, since debian-multimedia is a side project and not Debian proper it
> makes sense that news regarding d-m are posted on d-m list and not here.

Yes, but not every Debian user follows those lists and posting here is 
also a good way for "your users" (D-M users) to be aware of any important 
change on the repo. And dropping support for a complete distribution in 
one of the most used repositories of Debian is something I consider 
important or relevant for this list.

> As for anyone using d-m and willing to stay on top of things subscribing
> to: dmo-discussion@debian-multimedia.org
> and other d-m lists, or pay www.debian-multimedia.org a regular visit.
> Seems like the right path to follow, to me at least.

When I first read D-M notice about discontinuation of lenny, I reviewed D-
M lists to find additional information or explanation about the change 
but there was no post on this matter or I couldn't find any :-(

In fact, my "rant" is more because of the little information it was 
provided that lead many of us to think there wasn't going to be packages 
for lenny any more.



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