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Re: weired problem around grub2

On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 16:45:15 +0100, Geronimo wrote:

> Hello,
> Camaleón wrote:
>> Well, GRUB2 is having problems to boot from you current cloned
>> partition but is fine installed under a brand-new one. Having a small
>> dedicated "/ boot" partition will solve the issue (I hope!) and you can
>> then use the remainder space for other OSes :-)
> Just to let you know:
> the extra partition didn't change anything. The boot-process stil needs
> that fresh installed partition and is not working without.

That's nonsense. 

Should you get any error when booting from a freshly-new created "/boot" 
partition, it must be different than the one you are getting right now. 
Are you saying you get the same "blackout" error? :-?

Moreover... if you format the /boot partition with ext2/ext3, you can 
even try GRUB legacy.

> I compared all files, I found related to grub, but I could not find any
> difference. So I take that system for broken and go for new
> installation. Enuf time wasted!
> Thanks a lot for your attention!

At least you can report the bug, so others avoid the same problem :-)



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