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Re: Firware drivers?

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 01:03:43PM -0800, Arthur Barlow wrote:
> Are you guys kidding??!!!  I've been using "testing" for years with
> very little problems.  I noticed that "Squeeze" was just officially
> released.  I also noticed that suddenly had about 200 upgradeable
> packages.  So fine, I do the upgrade.  Reboot, and find I can't get on
> the network.
> After some hunting around, I realize the Intel e100 firmware has been
> removed.  What!!!  Just because it's part of the "non-free"
> packages??!!!   My PC is now "bricked!!"  I'm going to have to go to
> another computer download the deb package, transfer and reload it.

The change was made almost 2 years ago.  Here is an article on it

> Does this have some nonsense to do with the "philosophy" of "free"
> software.  If so, it's absurd.

Yes - or more correctly "open" and "free"

The Debian Project has NEVER hidden its philosophy about the importance
of "free" software. http://www.debian.org/intro/free

Add non-free to your repository list, boot with a pre 2.6.29 kernel and 

apt-get update; apt-get install firmware-linux


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