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replacement for amarok 1.4. in squeeze?

Dear all,

now with the imminent release of squeeze, I'd like to know what is a
good replacement of lenny's amarok as both an audio player and
application to access my ipod.

I've upgraded to squeeze about a month ago, and I can't find the
following features in squeeze's amarok (all of which were pleasantly
usable in lenny's):

- ability to synchronize and manage media files on my ipod classic (a
google search tells me I should install amarok-ipod, but there is no
amarok-ipod in squeeze).

- import my old podcasts. Somehow amarok managed to ignore the existing
podcasts in my /home/audio folder. (There is no 'media device' setting
in the configuration menue.)

- ability to show recently added files and albums

- ability to import my 'old' mysql database (amarok 1.4.10-2lenny1) into
amarok 2.3.1. (I guess I could do without that in case of a good
replacement for amarok).

I also find the new user interface quite annoying. It appears more
'clean' than the old one, but lacks many of the features that I found

amarok has always been quite a huge monster application, slow to start
and rather wasteful on resources. In the past this disadvantage has been
compensated by a large feature set. The 'new' amarok on kde4 by
comparison, appears to be even slower to start and shows only a fraction
of the features compared to lenny. (I guess this is generally the case
with many applications for kde4).

The most pressing need at the moment is to find a way to download
podcasts and synchronize mp3s and podcasts with the ipod.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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