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Re: hide url in apache2

In <AANLkTim3SeXtfdwoB_KgAWZh03rynhUaQtHmeDJpz3qc@mail.gmail.com>, Jesus 
arteche wrote:
>yes with mod_rewrite I got hide the folder in the url...but just for the one
>of the initilization.

"the one of the initialization" -- this phrase confuses me and I'm a native 
speaker.  Do you mean "the first request"?

>When I "play" with the app the folders still
>appearing...my rewrite rule is:
><IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
>   RewriteEngine on
>   RewriteRule    ^$ app/webroot/    [L]
>   RewriteRule    (.*) app/webroot/$1 [L]
>some idea

What kind of URLs is your application generating?  If your application 
generates links with "app/webroot/" in them, then the clients will see and 
use those.

I know mediawiki has roughly a dozen configuration options that control how 
it generates URLs, though administrators rarely have to tweak more than 4.  I 
know a number of Web Application frameworks have URL building features, 
partially to handle the case of URLs that don't exactly match the environment 
the application is tested in.

If you are writing the application, you'll be responsible for how it 
generates URLs.  If not, application-specific support fora would probably be 
a better place to determine how to configure / modify it to generate the URLs 
you need.
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