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Re: opera copy/paste

El 2011-02-02 a las 15:23 -0500, Paul Cartwright escribió:

(resending to the list)

> On 02/02/2011 01:53 PM, Camaleón wrote:
>> BTW, I just have installed today (in Squeeze+GNOME) all major browsers,
>> that is: Firefox 4 (beta), Google Chrome and Opera (as part of my web
>> developer tasks I need to check the look&feel&run of the websites) and I
>> did not experience your error within Opera :-?
> well, 2 things.
> 1. On my current gnome login session I seem to have a number  
> of..."issues", including the opera copy issue AND another problem that I  
> do not understand either.
> 2. the 2nd problem in my gnome session is dotted lines ( artifacts?) in  
> my chrome browser & sometimes email messages.  Also glxgears failed to 
> run
> I thought it might be my old version of the NVIDIA driver, so I  
> downloaded & installed the newest vesion. Now glxgears runs! but I was  
> still having the artifact problem in gnome, so I logged out & logged  
> into an LXDE session. SNAP ! the screens just seem to POP out at me,  
> there is a big difference ( perception) in screen clarity, and no more  
> artifacts & Opera cuts & pastes..
> I'm thinking I may have to  move my .gnome folder & start over with a  
> fresh desktop/login profile...
> I may just stay with LXDE:) I kinda LIKE it !!!

Yep, I would create a new user and then login with it inside a GNOME 
session. If all the problems go away with the new user, just rename your
current user's .gnome folder to start from scratch (you will have to 
customize the environment again but the prize to pay is not that high 
if that solves the two problems :-)



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