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opera copy/paste

I have a problem with Chrome not working right. I click on a link & it does nothing( something about a plugin missing). So I started up Opera 11.01 build 1190. when I get to the page I want, I tried to COPY the URL & PASTE into an email. Didn't paste. nada,zip, empty. Tried it a few times, nothing. Tried to copy the URL from the Opera bar to Chrome, nothing. Started up gedit, copied the URL in opera, pasted to gedit, THERE IT IS! copied that ( yes, a fresh CTRL-C ) and did a CTRL-V into email and there it is.. So why/how can opera copy/paste be this weird? I tried CTRL-C/V and also tried the menus ( right-click-copy)

ii opera 11.01.1190 A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite ii google-chrome-stable 8.0.552.237-r70801 The web browser from Google

ii gedit 2.22.3-1+lenny1 official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment

yes, running gnome on lenny.

Paul Cartwright

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