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Re: DHCP weirdness? broken?

On 03/02/11 10:19, Raffaele Morelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having serious troubles with dhcp. The resolv.conf file is being
> continuosly overwritten by some program/daemon I can't guess.
> I tried the supersede/prepend directives in dhclient.conf with no success,
> the same with the dhclient-script hooks
> I tried using network-manager connections to get rid of dhcp client
> settings.
> I have removed dhcp* packages and reinstalled again from scratch and as a
> result the /etc/dhcp3/ directory is not there anymore.
> I really can't figure out what to do.
> Any suggestion?
> Best regards
> Raffaele

Maybe you could grep the list of open files to see if you can identify
what may be overwriting it?

  lsof | grep resolv

On mine, I get:

elbbit@inglebop:~$ lsof | grep resolv
rtorrent  32274         tibz  mem       REG    146,18      80760  \
94512234 /lib/libresolv-2.7.so




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