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Waiting for Squeeze - was: Backup media - double-layer DVD

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 05:35:51PM EST, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
> On 02/02/2011 01:10 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
> (...)

>> One trick I use is copy my back-up file (encrypted) to my cell
>> phone's micro-SD.. In the event disaster struck, I would either be
>> out of the house with my cell phone, or grab a few belongings
>> including said mobile before I rushed outside. The problem with that
>> is that it still has the original vfat .. formatting, and whatever it
>> is, it doesn't like 4G+ files either :-)

> People think I'm crazy, 

Oh, no... not at all... ;-)

> but, when I leave the house, I always carry a  disc wallet that holds
> the last year's worth of weekly full backups on  DVD+R. (Well,
> I probably am crazy, but this isn't a sign of it.)

I'm looking into implants.. I mean sticking non-volatile memory under my
skin in carefully selected areas of my body, in case I run into serious
trouble but am fortunate to end up only partially dismembered..
presumably with some form of Bluetooth or Wifi integration so I can
conveniently upload my backups...

> I also double the weekly backups every month, and I keep the monthly  
> second copy in a safe deposit box. I also rotate USB external drives  
> through that safe deposit box. 

Ah.. I detect a flaw... you mean you actually do not rotate safe deposit
boxes..? Are you serious..?

> This is only for the really important  data, though. Miscellaneous
> other stuff just resides on two systems and  an external drive.

> (...)

>> Apart from the cost of the medium... I am very suspicious of all the
>> hidden stuff that infects anything Blu-Ray.. And you're probably right..
>> may turn out to be unsuitable for data archiving.

> Yup, I'm probably going to stick to using dual layer DVDs and Blu-Ray  
> strictly for movies I've paid for.

> Be happy!

Yeah.. let's try that.


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