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Re: [SOLUTION] Keyboard freezing/repeating endlessly

A followup in case anyone has followed/found this thread with the same
issue.  A relevant fact is that I have an ASUS P7P55D Motherboard.  An
internet search revealed people with that (or similar numbered MB's)
with the same issue; that is, the PS/2 keyboard would sporadically
lock up, with Linux kernel 2.6.32.  I've yet to find a fix.  A useful
thread is


see, in particular, the post from Andrew Stevenson.  

Andrew suggests that reloading the psmouse kernel module during a
lockup can be used to free it; I haven't confirmed that because I'm
using the workaround (below).  To do that, you need to access the
machine remotely (or create a menu entry that does so, and which you
can launch from a mouse).

The work-around I have adopted, which has made the problem disappear,
is to use a PS/2 to USB adapter and plug the keyboard into a USB port.

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