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Re: Sound recording in Debian Lenny

On Wednesday 05 January 2011 19:22:29 Camaleón wrote:
> Another option could be installing the "gnome-media" metapackage that has
> the gnome-sound-recorder app, but I personally, prefer not to mix desktop
> environments libraries/applications (call me "old-fashioned", but I hate
> dealing with silly DE collisions :-P).

Thanks to all of you.  I have read, and hopefully learned and digested,  all 
of your very helpful replies.  

I had in fact been looking for the gnome-sound-recorder app, but had failed to 
find any mention of it.  So I shall start by trying gnome-media.  Thanks 

I have also had another look at Audacity, as suggested.  But there is just too 
much there that I simply don't understand.  However, I shall return to it if 
I get nowhere with gnome-media.


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