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Re: Debian (sid) painfully slow.

Neil Youngman wrote:
> It can take several seconds to pop up a menu and, in the worst case,
> swapping from one window to another can take minutes, even if the
> other window is a simple xterm. I have also observed windows being
> redrawn so slowly that you can can see the rendering creeping slowly
> down the screen. I think that this all indicates that the graphics
> is the root of the problem.

To me this suggests that you have a process that is consuming all of
your memory.  This is causing your system to swap.

Run vmstat and then look at the si (swap-in) and so (swap-out) rates.


My favorite tool for looking at the system is 'htop'.  In it you can
press F6 and change the sort with the cursor to RES and VIRT to find
processes that have a large memory active set size.  Look at the
memory bar graph and look to see how much memory is consumed by user
programs and how much is available for filesystem buffer cache.



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