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Re: Can Debian Backup ntfs File System?

On Wednesday 05 January 2011 16:50:45 Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> Zeroth rule of support - never trust your user's to tell you the
> entire story (corollary - people lie about what happened)
> First rule of support - before deleting *anything* make a
> backup copy yourself

Yes - but if it is no longer possible one can't, especially when the client 
puts obstacles in the way.

Many clients think that computers are magic and that the supporting person has 
a magic wand.

The client who wouldn't back up because she didn't want to spend any money, 
found herself faced with a dead motherboard.  She expected me to have a new 
computer up and running with all her data on it within a few hours.  (Note 
that diagnosis was also to be included in the short timespan, as was 
procurement.)  It actually took me many hours to recover the data, which I 
did successfully.  Far from being grateful, she made my life a misery for 
taking too long.

Had it been her hard drive that was dead, she might well have lost the data.


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