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Re: Problems installing on Dell R310

mat brown wrote:
> No matter what combination of LVM, s/w RAID, no s/w RAID, no LVM or
> whatever I use, GRUB refuses to boot the installed system.
> ...
> the problem, installing with no RAID/LVM should work - which it
> doesn't.

I know you mention several things but just to be clear...  You did try
an install using nothing more than /dev/sda as the root partition with
everything all in one partition?  No software raid.  No lvm.  That
would be the simplest case.  If that fails what is on the screen at
that time?

I wasn't 100% positive that such a simple trial had been made and had
also failed to get booted and so decided to ask.

> Centos installs fine.  But I don't know rpm-based distros well enough
> to do what I need to do down the line, and anyway - this is Debian for
> goodness sakes!  I've installed loads of Debian systems just fine.

Agreed!  But that is a good clue just the same.  Installs and boots?
If so then you should be able to do an A-B comparison to figure out
the difference.  Or at the least use one to boot the other.


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