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Re: Problems installing on Dell R310

> I know you mention several things but just to be clear...  You did try
> an install using nothing more than /dev/sda as the root partition with
> everything all in one partition?  No software raid.  No lvm.  That
> would be the simplest case.  If that fails what is on the screen at
> that time?

Perfectly reasonable question.  :)

I have tried this, yes.  In this case, like most others, I get nothing
past POST - no "GRUB", no error messages, no anything.  If I fire up
the bios boot manager, I get a mere blinking cursor after telling it
to boot from the hard drive - just as if there were no system, nor
bootloader, installed.  It's really weird.

> Agreed!  But that is a good clue just the same.  Installs and boots?
> If so then you should be able to do an A-B comparison to figure out
> the difference.  Or at the least use one to boot the other.

Centos installs and boots just fine.  It uses an LVM as it's default
disk setup, unlike my preferred s/w RAID0, but apart from that - the
GRUB config looks the same.  It looks *normal* - I can just about
write a default grub 0.97 menu.lst manually if I have to.

I don't want an LVM as RAID0 gives considerably better I/O performance
and disk I/O is what I need this machine to be good at.

Using Centos to bootstrap Debian is exactly the kind of mess I'd
rather not get into on what will, ultimately, be my main server.  But
if that's what it takes...

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