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Re: Monitor question

On Ma, 28 dec 10, 09:13:00, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> I don't know how exactly it is done, but Linux takes into account
> the actual size of the display (which is reported along its
> supported resolutions) and not only the resolution to determine font
> sizes (and maybe icon sizes or other dimensions of the visual UI,
> but I have not experimented with that). So you get reasonably easy
> to read (for people with good eyesight, at least) fonts at all
> displays, at all resolutions. Under WinXP, if you use a high
> resolution, you get tiny fonts.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

(Summary: Xorg forces 96 DPI and it is impossible to change it)

Ok, it doesn't happen with the non-free nvidia driver (and possibly also 
not with fglrx), but I expected a lot more people to use free drivers 

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